Reading strategies


  • Enhance the reading atmosphere in the school campus.
  • Provide appropriate encouragement to help students gain a sense of achievement and become engaged in reading.
  • Create reading contexts for students to learn, apply, reflect on, consolidate and internalise the reading skills and strategies learnt, such as working out the meaning of unfamiliar words, predicting, questioning, and locating key words and topic sentences.


Reading strategies:

  • Teachers organise a diversified range of reading activities, e.g. book clubs, display of recommended books and reading cafés, for students to share their reading experiences and good practices regularly.
  • Help students develop a regular reading habit.
  • Raise students’ reading motivation and interest. To begin with, they can be given extrinsic rewards like prizes or praises.
  • Give affirmative and constructive feedback which can also raise students’ reading motivation and sustain their drive to read.
  • Trigger students’ intrinsic motivation to read by providing them with adequate opportunities to share and exchange their feelings and ideas from the reading process in oral, artistic, written and dramatic forms.
  • Select a variety of reading materials to cater for students’ diverse reading interests.
  • Make the most of e-resources to encourage e-reading.