English Subject



  • To motivate pupils to learn the English language;
  • To provide pupils with a purposeful context(s) and activities in order to help pupils internalize the functions of the language and its grammatical system;
  • To develop pupils’ ever-improving capability to use English;
  • To help pupils acquire effective reading skills and develop good reading habits;
  • To create a language-rich environment to facilitate pupil participation in life-long learning activities.
  • To develop pupils’ interest and four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

Curriculum and projects cooperated with the NET Section

(1) Space Town Programme (P1-P3)

Space Town is the modified programme based on the PLPRW. The aim of Space Town is to develop students’ four language skills as well as other learning skills through this sustainable Primary Literacy Programme. In Space Town, the teacher’s role is not solely to teach literacy but to guide students to empower themselves with the life-long skills necessary to become self-directed learners.


Aims of Space Town Programme:

  • Help develop students’ learning skills
  • Help develop students’ metacognitive skills
  • Help students to become self-directed learners
  • Cater for learner diversity
  • Provide opportunities for formative assessment and e-Learning


(2) School-based Reading Programme (P4-P6)

School-based Reading Programme aims to develop students’ reading and writing skills progressively throughout Key Stage 2. It is structured for flexible school based curriculum development to provide a literacy approach that can uniquely and innovatively build on and reinforce the knowledge and skills that students have accumulated in Key Stage 1. It further paves the way for students to develop their reading and writing skills.


Objectives of School-based Reading Programme:

  • To enhance student learning and teacher knowledge of literacy skills in reading and writing
  • To introduce and reinforce effective learning and teaching strategies in reading and writing
  • To support students in gradual development of reading and writing skills
  • To enrich KS2 literacy development using different text types
  • To cater for students’ individual learning needs